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Article 2. Cooperative Goals:
1. Promote and strengthen partnership, collaborations and public co-operation.
2. Supply common economic, social and cultural needs of members and helping to realize social justice.
3. Development of domestic and foreign investors related to handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage.
4. Creating new job opportunities through investment and defining new areas of activity.
5. Development of the tourism industry, handicrafts and the preservation of the monuments of cultural heritage through activities to the cooperative sector and the establishment of cooperative companies supporting provincial and national cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism.
6. Strengthening the ability to produce and supply services and solve some of the manufacturing and service unit of the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism problems.
7. Reduction of government owned enterprises and transfer of affairs to the cooperative sector.
8. Creating new business opportunities for cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism sector.
9. The optimal use of the support provided by the cooperative sector for the implementation of the general principles of article 44 of the constitution.
10. Provide a practical context for the managers of the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism sectors and establishment of a production and service chain.
11. Equipping fund to develop tourism industry.
12. Entrepreneurs partnership in managing the fund
13. Strengthening the spirit of team work among members
14. Creating the opportunity for participation and efficiency of employed, retried and their families in economic activities.
15. Creating suitable job opportunities for educated employee children.
16. Establishing the necessary fields for providing affordable goods and services and helping the economy of cooperative member families.
17. Improve the productivity of human and financial resources available in the sector.

Article 3. Activities subject:
1. Planning and creating needed and complementary service units in the heritage, handicrafts and tourism section.
2. Catering, accommodation and tourism services.
3. Construction, renting and repairing of accommodation, catering facilities, hotels, motels, hotel apartments, camping and restaurant, cross-country complexes, recreational and tourism complex also cultural, educational, residential, commercial and … places.
4. Implementation of civilian operations for the construction of units and collections of assignments from the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization.
5. Equipping and maintaining historical sites, residential complexes, catering, hotels and related stores and utilizing the abilities of craftsman, artists and other interested people.
6. Creating and managing clusters and townships for crafts and tourism.
7. Studying, researching and exploring and providing maintenance services and restoring historical and cultural heritage.
8. Publishing, producing and distributing cultural products, journals and scientific journals in various format and languages.
9. Conducting any internal and external seminars and specialized conferences.
10. Formation of travel agencies at different levels, both domestic and foreign, along with all other activities including: sale of all land, air, sea freight lines.
11. Preparing and making tools for handicraft products for domestic and foreign supply.
12. Buying and selling shares, investing in domestic and foreign companies, in accordance with current regulations and laws of the country.
13. Provision of specialized consulting, executive, research and contracting services in the field of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism.
14. Providing food and catering services, accommodation and tourism to public and private sectors.
15. General and specialized education courses related to cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism and establishment of schools and academies in various fields throughout the country in order to enhance the level of production and services.
16. Domestic and foreign tour services.
17. Establishment of companies related to the type of cooperative activity as a subset
18. Supplying the necessary materials for cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism sectors and providing marketing, employment, exhibition and export services.
19. Obtaining representation from institutions and investment companies, government and private funds, domestic and foreign for realization goals and subject of activity.
20. Study, attraction of fund and domestic and foreign investors in order to create infrastructure, development and navigation of poles and areas of tourism sample.
21. Insurance of passengers, guests, buildings and tourist facilities.
22. Establishment of branches and agents for domestic and foreign affairs in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.
23. Any import and export of goods and services required to achieve the goals and meet the needs of the company.
24. Providing financial, economic and investment advisory services to natural and legal persons, both domestic and foreign.
25. Obtaining loans and financial and credit facilities and cash and non-cash grants from the government and natural and legal persons, cooperative fund and domestic and foreign banks.
26. Investing and purchasing shares of unions, related cooperatives or other companies and public, cooperative or private institutions.
27. Handicraft production and distribution and sale.
28. Participation with private and public sector in pursuit of co-operative goals.
29. Carryout all affairs and activities that are necessary and useful directly or indirectly for the purpose of realizing the goals of the company’s activity or are necessary for the subject of the activity.
30. Cooperation and participation with government agencies with the private sector in implementing national and regional projects.
31. Depositing funds into long-term and short-term deposits in banks or cooperative funds.
32. Participation and investment in the construction, completion and maintenance of projects and cross-roads, recreational and tourism centers, poles and areas of tourism samples and … .
33. Participation in domestic and international government and private tenders.
34. Establishment of trading offices for accommodation units, catering, recreation and tourism, centers and complexes of roads, industrial workshops and … according to the rules and regulations.
35. Providing technical and engineering services, such as the design and implementation of manufacturing and service complexes, tourism projects, exploration, preservation, restoration of historical monuments and …
36. Establishment and support of media activities.
37. Design, compilation and implementation of comprehensive scientific, educational and research guides.
38. Identify and create the appropriate areas for the development of employment in the field of heritage, handicrafts and tourism sectors.
39. Ownership of state and enterprise units for assigning affairs in pursuance of the general policies of article 44 to the constitution and the 4th and 5th development plans.
40. Implementation of national and provincial projects.
41. Compilation, translation, conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of cultural heritage, crafts and tourism.
42. Borrowing loans and other credit facilities from bank resources, co-operative fund and other financial institutions and other legal entities.
43. Getting cash and noncash benefits from the government, natural or legal persons.
44. Participation with natural and legal persons with priority of cooperatives.
45. Participation of members, especially cooperative managers in specialized training courses to promote product and service levels.
46. Create a fund for interest-free loans to members.
47. Providing human resources and performing specialized activities related to green spaces, facilities and services.
48. Carry out tourism infrastructure activities including charter, transportation and accommodation.
49. Carrying out affairs related to the electronic protection of museums and historical sites, hotels and resorts and tourism.